I want to start getting rid of my headaches today.

So please send me Paul Bacho’s “Gentle Hands” DVD and Doug Fogel’s “self-digging” DVD.

I understand Paul’s ”Gentle Hands” DVD features two parts:

Part I shows a gentle hands-on technique Paul uses to treat patients with chronic headaches, as well as some posture correction exercises. When I watch this portion of the DVD, I’ll see exactly how it’s done so I can use it to get rid of my headaches

Part II shows Paul demonstrating some simple stretches and exercises that will loosen tight neck, shoulder and upper back muscles. These stretches and exercises will also help strengthen my chest, which in turn will help me maintain good posture – an essential element to preventing chronic tension headaches.

Doug’s DVD shows me how to get headache relief without needing the assistance of another person (something Paul’s “Gentle Hands” technique requires).

In that DVD, Doug will show me how to get that relief through using a special massage tool called a Backknobber (which is available separately from Pressure Positive),

Doug’s DVD also comes with written, illustrated instructions to make it even easier for me to perform the technique.

With this order I also get Paul’s Chronic Pain Prevention Kit – 11 FREE Bonus E-books to help keep me pain free.

  • Bonus E-Book #1 – “How to Get Rid of Stress in Seconds” (there’s a simple breathing technique in this report that will enable you to pull the plug on stress in minutes). - $7.95 value
  • Bonus E-Book #2 – “How to Pick the Right Work Chair For Your Body Type” (you’ll never be able to sit properly if your chair isn’t right for your body type – this report will show you exactly what to look for in a work chair so you can function all day pain free) - $7.95 value

  • Bonus E-Book #3 – “How to Achieve Maximum Flexibility” (most people stretch incorrectly, but after reading this report, you’ll know how to stretch correctly so you stay nice and loose) - $7.95 value

  • Bonus E-Book #4 – “How Changing the Way You Sleep Can Keep You From Getting Headaches” (you’ll know why you wake up stiff and sore after reading this report…and how to end this painful cycle)

  • Bonus E-Book #5 – “How to Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Without Drugs or Surgery” (if you’re suffering from CTS or want to learn how to prevent it, this report is a must-read) - $7.95 value

Plus there are also six more free e-books, including:

  • One that’s illustrated on how to do some abdominal exercises that will help you sit and stand in proper posture
  • How to use ice and heat on a soft tissue injury to hasten healing
  • How coconut oil can strengthen your immune system
  • An energy therapy that gets to the root of many physical diseases and emotional trauma
  • A primer on how to get the right running shoe for you
  • How to get over a sprained ankle faster than you ever thought possible

That’s 11 E-books ion all worth $87.45 to go along with your Gentle Hands DVD, which retails for $97, and our “Self-Dig” DVD, which retailed for $49.95.

You get all this – a $233.45 value, for only $49.00 (plus $3.57 for shipping/handling).

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